Thousands of games are released every year but the fame that became part of Gmod nothing is as yet able to beat it. It is the only sandbox game which is still being played all over for all being so old.

However, the FacePunch Studio keeps on updating it every now and then. Knowing the increasing popularity of the game, challenging players are out and about looking for Gmod Free.

As it was the creation of Garry Newman so its name is after Garry, his first name. In initial stages, it was just a mode of his game Half-Life 2. Ever since that day, it has been known as Garry’s mod abbreviated as Gmod. Although it is a paid game people in majority seem to look for a copy of Gmod Free so that they can enjoy the game free of cost.

Being a sandbox physics game, it is a multipurpose game. Gmod is fairly awash with fun, action, adventure and creation depending on what you want to enjoy this amazing game. However, you can try out some of the sites for Gmod Free.

FacePunch Studio, as was mentioned above, is a famous company and has so far released a lot of good games but Gmod is their masterpiece. Each day that passes, the users of Gmod are increasing spectacularly.

The fact is that Half Life 2 also became popular in their particular era. Hence, over a period of time, it lost its touch but Gmod still comes alive all over the word with a bang. If you are really looking for a free download, let’s try here, Gmod Free.

Face Punch Studio was a gaming company under Vale Corporation. When Half-Life 2 was invented it was by the same corporation. And this series still continues. As for the corporation, Gmod is under Valve Corporation and when talking about the Company it is, of course, FacePunch Studio.

To everyone’s amazement, Gmod kept on winning its spurs thought it was just a mod of another game stated above.

It looks as though the Garry didn’t have the idea of giving Gmod the status of a separate game until he realized the increasing popularity of that.

Well, it was people who liked Garry’s mod so much that Garry thought of developing and releasing it as a standalone game in 2006.

A lot of changes have taken place in Gmod. One thing is for sure, you can get Gmod free with its old version to check out how far it fills the bill in accord with your taste.

After its standalone version came public with a lot of new features, none could stop Gmod from wining its spurs both at home and abroad.

Before the standalone version, Gmod didn’t work for Microsoft Windows. After this new turnaround, the acclaim for the game was on its peak and this continues until now.

People almost worship it and some of them are always on the lookout for Gmod free with the latest updates as well.